Jan 8, 2011


Oh man - have I neglected to post about the George R. R. Martin series I've been wrapped up in?  A Song of Ice and Fire is insanely engrossing.  It's a sprawling series - mostly about war and power and family but with some fantasy elements tossed in.  I'm currently listening to the fourth in the series - A Feast for Crows.  The stories are sometimes unberabley violent and cruel, but I love how none of the characters are one-sided.  There's no good and evil (well maybe a bit of evil here and there).  The characters are multi-faceted and interesting and the tale has yet to get predictable.

The series is a solid 9 from me right now.  I picked up a compilation of artists' renderings from the books which was pretty interesting as well. 
The Art of A Song of Ice and Fire is a mixed bag (and in my mind Jon Snow is not a pretty boy.)  Pretty interesting though.

HBO is working on a tv series based on the novels so I suspect we'll be hearing far more about the books.

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